The catacombs

Catacombs have been found which contained a large number of mummies.

It is the first human necropolis found in central Egypt. Antiques are the " soft power” which distinguishes Egypt. In fact, any information about antiquities will attract the whole world and improve the image of the country. 

Un grand nombre de momies ont été retrouvé dans les catacombes.
Catacombs have been found

Tounah el-Gebel is an archaeological site in Middle Egypt. However, it is the necropolis of the city ofHermopolis Magna, the Khemenu .Although it is located in the Western Desert. The site is best known for the famous tomb of Petosiris. Priest of Thoth who lived at the end of the dynastic period shortly before the second Persian invasion.

First built in honor of the god Thoth. Tounah el-Gebel is full of underground rooms housing nearly four million mummies. However it seems that the attraction of the Egyptians at the origin of these massive mummifications.

Also there is also a Greco-Roman necropolis containing countless ibis mummies. As well as sacred animals of the eponymous god of the nearby town.

Tounah el Gebel (or Tuna el Gebel) is the late period necropolis of Hermopolis Magna. Moreover the city of the god Thoth (likened to Hermes by the Greeks). More than a necropolis, it was a real cult and funerary complex. In addition a large temple dedicated to Thoth. In fact, the visit of Tounah El Gebel is varied. It allows to visit the tomb of Isadora.

isadora lived in the second century AD. She drowned in the Nile on her way to join her lover.
Then, the tomb built by her father houses the young girl's mummy and a text likening her to a goddess. 
For present-day Egyptians, the story has become legend. Even more dramatic and romantic:
The young girl disobeys her father by leaving in a boat to join her lover. Furious, the father refused to provide for the burial. It was therefore the girl's lover who had to take care of it, selling himself as a slave to obtain the necessary money.