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Ancient Egypt: The Egyptian Ushabtis return from London.

The Egyptian Embassy in London received a wooden Ushabti statue. In fact it had been stolen and taken out of Egypt illegally. Thus Abdel-Gawad, director of recovered antiquities, explains that it is part smuggled to London. However, a British Museum trustee found it while an Englishman had it in his possession. Also returned in a friendly manner to the Egyptian Embassy in London. While she was part of the discoveries of the Spanish mission to Aswan. It has a height of approximately 16.5 cm and has golden inscriptions.

L'Egypte antique
ancient egypt

In fact the shabtis are funerary statuettes. Although they form an important part of Egyptian funerary furniture. These statuettes designate the funeral servants who were to respond to the call ofOsiris and replace the dead in the labors of the fields beyond.

Depending on the social status of the deceased, the shabtis were made of terracotta, stone, bronze, wood or green or blue enamelled earth and represented the deceased. Either in the Osiriac (momiform) position, or dressed in the clothing he wore in everyday life. Placed in the tomb in large numbers, there was a shabti for each day of the year.

Four hundred and thirteen have been found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. The Louvre collection, with more than 4,200 chaouabtis and ouchebtis.