The Islamic Museum in Cairo

Blog - Le Musée islamique du Caire ouvre ses portes

The Islamic Museum in Cairo opens its doors.

Le Musée islamique du Caire
The Islamic Museum in Cairo opens its doors.

The President inaugurated the restoration of the Islamic Museum of Cairo. Obviously, the inauguration will encourage and promote the return of tourism to Egypt. Following this, the ministry said the building restored with security systems. Also, some aspects of the layout have been changed. The Hall of Memories, previously located in the center of the museum. Also, halls featuring Islamic coins and weapons added. As well as a room for Islamic manuscripts, and another displaying their daily life, also including instruments and toys for children. In addition, the current restoration work of the MIA began in 2015. While the Italian government paid 800,000 euros for new showcases, also offering training courses for museum curators. The American Research Center in Cairo, contributed to the restoration of the facade of the museum. You should know that the Museum houses an exceptional collection of rare objects, such as pieces of metal, ceramics, glass and textiles from around the world. The museum houses 4,400 artifacts displayed in 25 galleries.

The museum houses one of the most important collections of Islamic art in the world.