Exhibition of the god Osiris in Switzerland.

Blog : Le dieu Osiris

The Rietberg Museum in Zurich exhibits the results of the underwater excavations carried out by Franck Goddio's team. In fact this exhibition highlights the Mysteries of Osiris. Underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio talks about the discoveries of the sunken cities of ancient Egypt. Since 1992 the team of underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio has been criss-crossing the Egyptian sea coast.

Nouvelle exposition du dieu Osiris en Suisse
The god Osiris

Their discoveries made it possible to reconstruct the great port of Alexandria. They made the remains of the submerged cities of Thônis-Héracléion and Canope reappear from the seabed and brought to light the dark rites of the pharaohs. As the exhibition on the Mysteries of Osiris opens in Zurich, Franck Goddio looks back on his adventures under water, finds that have enriched history.

The god Osiris is a god of egyptian pantheon and a mythical king of ancient Egypt. Inventor of agriculture and religion, his reign is beneficial and civilizing.

He dies drowned in the Nile, assassinated in a plot organized by Seth, his younger brother. Despite the dismemberment of his body, he regains life through the magical power of his sisters Isis and Nephthys. To conclude, the martyrdom of Osiris earned him the world beyond. He thus becomes the sovereign and the supreme judge of the laws of Maat. It is intimately linked to the Egyptian monarchy. The god is seen as a deceased king then deified. His attributes are thus those of the Egyptian sovereigns.

The god Osiris was considered a ruler of I'Egypt whole. However, his representations only show him with the white Hedjet crown, symbol of Upper Egypt.