The White Desert in Egypt – Brigitte Donnat April 2005

I wanted to thank you once again for the trip we made together on the Sinai. Also for allowing my son to discover Egypt in excellent conditions. So He is delighted with his stay and plans to return in the future.

First of all I think 5 stars. It's not enough to say how satisfied I am with the various trips I have been able to make thanks to Amro and its agency. He was able to meet all my desires to discover his beautiful country, its culture. Between the white desert, the great sites, the Saint Catherine Monastery, Mount Sinai. There is not a shadow of disappointment or regret. I even unexpectedly invited her to a traditional wedding during our desert getaway. Not to mention the visit of the fennec foxes during the bivouac in the white desert. In short, these are only excellent memories!

Thank you Amro for all these good times!

All my friendship to your family and to you of course.

Best wishes. 

Le Désert Blanc de l’Égypte
The White Desert in Egypt

I have done several trips with Terra-Trips and Amro as my guide.

This is always a wonderful discovery, of places, of history. Traditions in short a total immersion while feeling safe. Besides, I plan to make a new trip with my grandson in the near future. And I won't commission anyone other than Amro to put together a tailor-made trip for me. For a little boy with a passion for Egypt and History in general.

I highly recommend to anyone wanting a trip. Out of the ordinary with perfectly French-speaking guides and passionate about their country to choose Terra-Trips.



You who dream of getting off the beaten track, you who want to discover Egypt, the real one, everyday Egypt. Moreover the Egypt of the Egyptians, follow Amro! . In fact, he will know how to immerse you in the heart of this magnificent rich country. In history but also with surprising natural sites.

It will take you to meet the locals. In addition, you may be lucky (like me) to be invited to the preparations for a wedding. Also you will be received in the families. Although children surround you with their curiosity and kindness.

Amro is a valuable guide who combines competence and kindness. Speaking flawless French. Respectful of the environment, he is a pioneer in eco-tourism in Egypt.

I did the Bahariya Oasis 3 day tour solo with a wonderful driver and Amro. Ideal guide with little care!. Moreover, I even had the chance to rub shoulders with the fennec foxes during the bivouac in the White Desert!.

Thanks to Amro I was able to discover Egypt, the real one, that of the Egyptians!. He took me to meet the inhabitants in the oases, I was even invited to a wedding!

Amro has a flawless culture and perfect French. He knows how to listen to everyone and understand our expectations.
I who follow a fan of Egypt, I can say that the most beautiful trips have been made thanks to Amro!. (Cairo, the oases, the white desert, Sinai and Mount Saint Catherine).

The White Desert of Egypt – Brigitte Donnat April 2005- Cairo,the white desert and Sinai