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Egyptian Queen Titi Sherry recovers her pieces.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo receives 5 small pieces of the Queen's plaque, "Titi sherry". King Ahmose's grandmother. The famous winner of the hyksos, the first king of the XVIII. The most flourishing era in the history of Egypt.

La Reine égyptienne Titi Sherry récupère ses morceaux.
Egyptian Queen Titi Sherry recovers her pieces.

In fact, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is one of the largest museums entirely devoted to Egyptian antiquity. Sixty thousand objects of all kinds, statues, statuettes, bas-reliefs are piled up in the cellars. Storerooms and attics (roofs) of the Egyptian Museum. Yet it is also in these reserves that new discoveries enter. In addition, many works are forgotten in the darkness of the reserves. Thus the statue of Ptahhotep, vizier of the 5th dynasty. This one, discovered in 1940, spent 65 years at the bottom of a crate. Before being found, in 2005, during an inventory carried out in the cellars of the museum.

main wife ofAmenophis III and mother of Amenophis IV, future Akhenaten.

Tiyi's parents were from Akhmim located between Thebes and Armana. Youya, his father lieutenant general of the royal charerie. Also belonged to the clergy of Min. His mother, Touya, attached to the clergy of Min, Amon and Hathor. Their son, aâmen, plays a leading role in the court of his brother-in-law. However, by exercising high religious functions, such as the office of "second prophet of Amun". Some Egyptologists have speculated that Tiyi is of Nubian origin. This is based on the appearance of the mummies of his parents. But not taking into account the blond hair of the father..

L'Ancient Egypt is an old civilization from north-eastern Africa. Concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile, in what today constitutes theEgypt.

The civilization of ancient Egypt takes shape around -3150. With the political unification of the Upper Egypt to the south and Lower Egypt North. In the first place under the reign of the first King and develops over more than three millennia. Then its history is dotted with a series of politically stable periods. Thus interspersed with several intermediate, more troubled periods. In fact, ancient Egypt reached its peak under the New Kingdom . Then enters a period of slow decline. At the end The country suffered repeated attacks from foreign powers in this late period. And the reign of the pharaohs officially ends in -30. When'Roman Empire conquers Egypt to make it a province.

The success of ancient Egyptian civilization stems in part from its ability to adapt to the conditions of the valley of the Nile. The foreseeable flooding of the river. And control of theirrigation of the valley produces surplus crops that fuel the social and cultural development of the country. This agricultural surplus gives the administration the means to finance the mining of the valley and the neighboring regions of the desert.

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