Cruise on the Nile and on Lake Nasser I Amina and Guy Lereste March 2019


Wishing to revisit egyptmy wife and I.

In fact, we were looking for a travel agency capable of offering us an “à la carte” program.

In addition, depending on our dates, our budget and the pace that suits us. While visiting sites that we still had to discover outside the traditional circuits.

After having consulted our local agencies without having obtained satisfactory answers. Then, we consulted the Internet and questioned, just in case, Terra-Trips in Cairo. Well we took it!!!.

By return email, we had a proposal very close to our wishes and in one week a final project perfectly meeting our expectations cheaper than our local agencies.

To find out a little more about specific points, just dial 00 20 122 257 6492 and there, whatever the day and time (even 10 p.m.).

No need to "Type 1, "Type 2" or "Type 3" Amro, the Director, picks up and in excellent French answers your questions and confirms them immediately by email.

Croisière le Nil et le lac Nasser | Nous avons auparavant beaucoup voyagé
Nile and Lake Nasser Cruise

Our trip was a marvel of organization, not a false note for 3 weeks.

Hotels and cruise ships (Nile and Lake Nasser) comply with commitments.

French-speaking guides, one for the North and a second for the South. Irreproachable, knowledgeable about the past and present of their country, discreet and imposing nothing. In addition trying all the time to respond well to our wishes.

Every day a call from Amro to make sure our program is running smoothly and to modify it slightly if we wish, without it costing us 1 € more.

We have traveled a lot before, but rarely found such professional conscience and such warmth in the Agent-Client relationship. 5***** without hesitation.

Cruise on the Nile and on Lake Nasser I Amina and Guy Lereste March 2019 – Luxury Travel: Cairo Cruise on the Nile and Lake Nasser.

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