Cruise on the Nile boat 5* I Nanci Falco 2009

Hello Amro,

Here I am back in São Paulo, Brazil. After my long trip to Egypt, my first email is to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for many things. For your excellent organization, for your honesty. As well for your concern that everything always worked well.

Croisière sur le Nil bateau 5* I Nanci Falco 2009
Cruise on the Nile boat 5* I Nanci Falco 2009

So for the choice of accommodation and boat for the cruise on the Nile. And also for the always nice guides. Finally, everything was perfect and I was right to choose your agency.

It was my first trip to Egypt and especially the first that I did alone!. My children were a little worried about mom who, with her sixty-three years. Decided to take this trip alone.

But I wrote to them during the trip and reassured them by telling them about your excellent organization. And also your concern for me. To all those who read my testimony and who intend to travel to Egypt on their own, I tell them that - with the choice of your services They will always have the peace of mind that everything will work out well and they will also have great pleasure during their stay in this beautiful country.

There are so many things to see and I'm sure I'll be back. That's why I say see you soon, Amro.

Cruise on the Nile boat 5* I Nanci Falco 2009: Cairo and Cruise on the Nile.

Have you ever had the opportunity at least once in your life to take this magnificent sea route that is this symbolic river of Egypt? The Nile Cruise is well worth the detour, believe it! While navigating in the comfort of your luxury boat, you will make magnificent discoveries on each side (left bank and right bank).