Nile Cruise and the Red Sea I JACQUES and Marie – France Ricard April 2019

We went to Egypt for 10 days last April and saw the positive comments on Le Routard. First, we chose the local agency Terra Trip. We haveWe had guide (Mohammed and Ahmed) and personal driver. In fact, we found “Punctuality, seriousness, excellent knowledge, kindness” on the part of these people.

Everything was organized perfectly (nobody waiting for us at the airport for customs and visa formalities. In addition, management of our two domestic flights, our luggage). That we let ourselves be carried away...
Mr. Amro, the Director of the Agency, welcomed us to Cairo despite the late hour (2am!).

Then, every day we had a phone call from him to find out if we were satisfied. At our request, He agreed to add visits and this for free!

Whereas, our stay was “à la carte”, and we did:
– First, 3 days in Cairo
– 3 nights cruise on the Nile
– 3 days in Hurghada by the Red Sea

– In Cairo it was a treat: the Pyramids, the different districts, the museums. It is a boiling city full of flavors and colors. The guide was a wealth of knowledge, very top notch!
– The boat on the Nile was very comfortable, meals, excellent service and entertainment, superb room. Magnificent land tours.
– Finally in Hurghada (world diving site) we were in a very nice hotel “feet in the water”. On the other hand, only downside, the meals which were not high quality. In addition, we did a nice “bottle” dive. However, it is the essential of the Red Sea. At this time the water is a little cold all the same. So idleness and the beach.

Furthermore, at no time did we feel insecure. Besides, tourists are coming back in droves.

Egyptian cuisine is tasty and original.

Croisière Nil et la Mer Rouge |  Ce voyage nous a laissé de magnifiques souvenirs
Nile and Red Sea Cruise

This trip Ie Cairo and Cruise on the Nile and the Red Sea left us with wonderful memories. Moreover, and I think we will return, there are still so many sites to discover! How wonderful! it is grand!
Do not hesitate to contact me if you want information (price, circuits, climate…)
I highly recommend this agency.

Nile and Red Sea Cruise I JACQUES BORDEREAU and Marie-France Ricard April 2019: Cairo and Nile and Red Sea Cruise

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