Egypt Nile Cruise – Marie Alexandrine July 2019

Croisière Nil Egypte - Marie COÏC Juillet 2019

We traveled this summer. We had some fears about going to Egypt, our trip is absolutely extraordinary with Terra Trips.

Everything was absolutely taken care of from start to finish of the trip. First of all, Amro, at the origin of this organization. This is how he takes care of absolutely everything and very quickly provided us with an estimate so that we could evaluate the cost of this trip.

Thereby. once this first quote has been sent, according to our wishes. He adapted the program so that we could visit everything that interested us.

Once agreed, again. Everything is absolutely taken care of from the beginning to the end of the trip (a few small exceptions which are clearly indicated in the estimate). Concretely: barely disembarked, on arrival, the driver was waiting for us with Amro.

We joined our hotel (very nice hotel) in Cairo. And the next day, as agreed, our driver and our guide were waiting for us for the start of the visits and so…

A journey!!. Which is absolutely extraordinary. To have and our private driver, and our private guide.

For having visited 45 countries with my twin sister. Excursions we made and guides, we had… I can honestly tell you that with this agency (small agency on a human scale which truly seeks to satisfy its customers).

In addition, everything is done so that you can have a pleasant stay and above all: the guides are of high quality!!! No superficial explanations or desire to “do it quickly”/to shorten… We really feel the passion and the interest which animates them…

Regarding the journey. After Cairo, a flight to Luxor and a cruise to Abu Simbel are on the program. So, absolutely gorgeous….

Next, a 5 star cruise, a guide with us for each temple to visit… We are accompanied and escorted absolutely everywhere (enough to reassure young women who would like to embark on the adventure.

Also we celebrated our 28th birthday there: and moreover Amro sent us a magnificent cake for our anniversary at our hotel. Absolutely adorable… memories that obviously cannot be forgotten…)

Also, for comparing a slew of agencies before we got started. In fact, I have seen sometimes staggering prices offered by other companies…

However, with Terra Trips, everything is absolutely personalized and we don't have the feeling of being in tourist trunks, in buses or boats armored to the brim...

It was a little less than a month ago for us… And from the bottom of my heart, I recommend this magnificent trip that is Egypt with the agency Terra Trips… Because it must be said, it is all this organization that allowed us to keep an exceptional memory...

Croisière Nil Egypte - Marie COÏC Juillet 2019
Egypt Nile Cruise

A big thank you to Amro and his kindness (anything unexpected? he really takes care of EVERYTHING). Also to Ali and his laughter, to Mohammed and his humor. Also beien to our Hazem, their driver…Very moved the last day at Cairo airport before taking our flight to Paris…
In short, in one word: GO FOR IT!!!

Egypt Nile Cruise – Marie Aexandrine July 2019 – Cairo and Cruise on the NiI