Nile cruise Dahabeya I Christian Tremsal and family April 2019

We have just returned from a 10 day trip with Terra Trips (6 person private trip). Organized by its Director Amro for more than 6 months.

I found this receptive on the internet among many others. In fact, he was the one who seemed to me the most suitable for organizing our trip.

Before finalizing the circuit. Amro very present and we communicated several times, himself calling us directly.

Croisière Nil Dahabeya | Très bons véhicules, très bons chauffeurs, très bons Guides
Dahabeya Nile Cruise

We paid by bank transfer 50% for the trip about 3 months before and the balance 15 days before departure.
Everything was perfectly organized (no one waiting for us at the airport for customs and visa formalities. In addition, management of our two domestic flights. Amro himself also at the airport exit to introduce himself and give us the last directives before our circuit.
However, very good vehicles, very good drivers, very good Guides (Ali and Ahmed). With perfect punctuality. Great flexibility during the circuit to add things not planned, or modify some.

Not being specialists in the old Egypt. This is how the guides were able to get to our level. Sns flood us with explanation so as not to get bored and rather make us enjoy the pleasure of the eyes. But for those who want very thorough explanations, the level is there.
Thanks also to Ramadan and the crew of the “Nebyt” during the cruise of our private 3-day Nile Dahabeya cruise on the Nile. Perfect. A plus for the chef for so many meals that are as varied as they are good, from breakfast to dinner.

Too bad the Nile was cold but we bathed anyway. The country itself is perfectly secure and tourists come back. 

We had the chance to take a trip against the direction of the classic TOs and visited the sites with few people except Karnak. 

From Marie Hélène, Gabriel, Nicolas, Alexia, Marie and Christian A BIG THANK YOU TO TERRA TRIPS AND ITS TEAM

PS: For those of this forums who think that the reviews are false, of course there are some negative points (water in advance on the bus, a few hotels to change, but nothing serious).

Nile Cruise Dahabeya Marie Hélène, Gabriel, Nicolas, Alexia, Marie and Christian Tremsal April 2019: Cairo and Cruise in a small private boat (dahabeya) on the Nile and Abu Simbel.