Dahabeya cruise on the Nile – Christine Corner and family November 2019

Just got back from a 13 day trip to Egypt. I entrusted the organization of this private trip to Terra trips. I can only recommend this local agency. Amro concocted a great stay for us, taking into account all our requests (sites, Dahabeya cruise on the Nile, air-conditioned car with driver throughout the stay, etc.).

Our two guides (Ali and Mohammed) are passionate, fascinating and have a great sense of humor. Amro phoned us every day to check on us. 

 un super séjour en tenant compte de toutes nos demandes (sites, Croisière en dahabeya le Nil,

He also offered us additional activities (such as a flight over the valley of the kings hot air balloon) Everything was perfect. A big thank you for this unforgettable stay!

Christine, Nathalie, Elodie and Emma Corner November 2019 – Cairo and Dahabeya cruise on the Nile. 

The Dahabeya or Dahabiya is a sailing boat that is based in Luxor, Esna or Aswan for cruises of 3, 7, 9 or 12 nights on the Nile. Originally built to transport celebrities and royal families. The Dahabeya is a luxury pleasure boat for the Nile. Its name means "in gold", in reference to its decoration in gold and dongola. .On the other hand, in Arabic, the feminine suffix -a can indicate the singular of inanimate. As a result, he changes the meaning of "golden" to "a single golden thing". In fact, this word is used in Egypt for a general type of Nile boat: see dahabeah).

The name came to be applied to other boats of similar luxury as well. The Dahabeya was later refitted as a cruise ship and today sails the Nile and Lake Nasser. Today many newer Dahabeyas have been built for luxury cruising.

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