Egypt Cruise 5 stars – Wissem and Chaima October 2021

Croisière Nil Égypte - Wissem et Chaima Octobre 2021


Three weeks before our departure for Egypt, I realized that organizing our trip alone was almost impossible and too complicated…

So I did some research and came across Terra trips! by reading the opinions on different sites I quickly let myself be convinced!  

Croisière Égypte 5 étoiles - Wissem et Chaima Octobre 2021
5 Star Egypt Cruise - Wissem and Chaima October 2021

So I contacted Amro and I explained to him the course I wanted to do, the next day he offered me an extremely detailed, complete and completely personalized program!

After a brief telephone conversation, I immediately gave my full confidence to Amro and God knows how complicated it is for a person like me who has this need to manage and control everything! 

Croisière Égypte 5 étoiles - Wissem et Chaima Octobre 2021
Egypt Cruise 5 stars – Wissem and Chaima October 2021

Dozens of email exchanges followed, as soon as I had a question or a request I could be sure to have an answer the same day! 

D-Day arrives: from the second we set foot in Egypt we were taken care of by Amro's correspondents!

 Whether it was for the purchase of visas, or the recovery of suitcases for which we had a problem and which Amro also managed!  

Egypt Cruise 5 stars – Wissem and Chaima October 2021

At 3 am Amro was there to welcome us and accompany us to our hotel room to make sure everything was ok!

Not once in the entire stay did we feel lonely or lost! Regarding the tourist guides we had Ali and Mohamed (Momo)! We didn't know it was possible to get so attached to people in such a short time. 

Ali will remain our favorite of the trip, a simple and so kind whole human person who is extremely passionate about his work! We will never forget it!!!!

We also had an exceptional driver Youssef, a wonderful meeting just like Ali, a good, serious and very kind man! Our second Momo guide is also a favorite! A person so funny, passionate about his job and so concerned about our well-being  

 ! And we never get bored with him! Halfway through the stay we were starting to get a little tired and Momo reorganized all the activities so that it was less hard! 

As for Amro, he kept his promise to give us a wonderful stay!

There isn't a single day when he didn't call us to see if everything was fine! until the last second he accompanied us in our steps (airport, PCR test ...) Hotels, restaurants, private guides, private cruise drivers, visits ... everything was managed by Terra trips we just had to put down our suitcases and let yourself be guided by the team!  

I am absolutely not suitable for organized trips, I prefer to organize everything myself but for once it was a real revelation! And without a doubt I would use the services of Terra trip again for our next trips to Egypt, it's them and no one else! Thousand thousand thousand thank you to the whole team you made us spend an incredible unforgettable stay

We are marked forever – Chaima and wissem