Circuit in Egypt I Frederic CAZAUX February 2014


At the end of February 2014, I spent 8 days in Egypt with my partner.

After having consulted the various accommodation offers available on the internet. Finally, we decided to trust Amro and his agency Terra Trips.

We were seduced by both the proposed program. In addition, it allows us to see the essential monuments and sites that interest us in a limited time (8-day Nile cruise stay). But also the fact of favoring a small local agency.

As a result, our Circuit stay in Egypt was particularly successful. The welcome from Amro and his team was warm. Then we just had to let ourselves be guided and enjoy our trip.

In addition, the quality of the services was there, in particular the choice of boat for the cruise on the Nile.

Amro and his team speak very good French and have a great knowledge. Moreover it was a pleasure to exchange with them.

An important point to note, at no time did we feel insecure. Whether in Cairo in particular or when visiting the various sites (I know that like us, many travelers ask themselves this question). Amro knows his country well and takes good care that everything goes well.

If we decide to return to Egypt, it is with certainty that we will call on Amro again.

I cannot advise you highly enough to go through him if you decide to visit this beautiful country.

The Nile cruise.A truly memorable experience for all visitors to our beautiful country. Where you will visit the most important temples of Egypt.

. This cruise will delight you with so many ancient and authentic things to admire. You will soak up the picturesque nature of this great country; thus of these places where lived the Egyptians of the pharaonic time.  

Circuit in Egypt I Frederic CAZAUX February 2014: Cairo and Nile Cruise.

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