Alexandria stories of love and the sea

I'm in your life – I'm in your arms – Alexandra Alexandria – Alexandria where love dances with the night – I have more appetite – Than a Barracuda. Alexandra Alexandria – Claude Francois.

First of all, the city symbolizes for many Egyptians, the most beautiful memories of childhood. In addition, it was in Alexandria Egypt that many Egyptians spent their entire summer vacation, on its beaches and in its streets. Although before the existence of the seaside resorts of the Red Sea, where each beach, each street, each ice cream seller, a particular cinema, or an oriental pastry chef, in short, a story of the streets, or an old love of the sea.

Photo Alexandrie histoires d'amour et de la mer
Alexandria Egypt stories of love and the sea


good for Greeks of Alexandria : Memory of a community (article published on Al Ahram Hebdo).

It is the second city ofEgypt by its population and it is the largest Egyptian port. In fact Alexandria was one of the greatest centers of civilization in the Mediterranean basin. Moreover, the city currently has more than eight million inhabitants. Thus Alexandria is a great industrial center. It also remains the favorite seaside resort of the generations of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Especially since the new and famous library (Bibliotheca Alexandria) has become one of the main monuments.

The ancient city has almost disappeared under the modern city. However, the exploration of the basement during road works allows important archaeological finds. Moreover, the same is true of the underwater excavations around the island of Pharos at the old port.

Yes, from several points of view, it is truly a sincere and deep love story….and of the sea!

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